Sealed Beam models

On a framework built Mercedes-Benz cars were produced until the post-war period, before they were replaced by the models in 1953 with self-supporting bodies. Especially of the numerously produced Mercedes-Benz classic cars W136, W186, W187, W188, W191 and W198 the Karasch & Co GmbH keeps an extensive inventory of original spare parts.


Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile
Mercedes-Benz 170V + 170S
Year: 1936 - 1954
Build: Sedan, Cabrio-Limousine, Cabriolet A , Cabriolet B, roadster, pickup, van
Models: 170V, 170S, 170 S-V/S-D


Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile
Mercedes-Benz 300
Year: 1951 - 1962
Build: Sedan, Cabriolet
Models: 300, 300b, 300c,
300d (with fuel injection)


Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile
Mercedes-Benz 220
Year: 1951 - 1955
Build: Sedan, Cabriolet A, Cabriolet B, Coupé


Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile
Mercedes-Benz 300S + 300Sc
Year: 1951 - 1958
Build: Cabriolet, Coupé and roadster. Sc-models with mit fuel direct-injection


Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile
Mercedes-Benz 170 Sb
Year: 1951 - 1953
Build: Sedan
Models: 170 + 170 Sb, 170 DS


Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile
Mercedes-Benz 300SL
Year: 1953 - 1963
Build: Coupé and roadster. Coupé with wingdoors.

Further Mercedes-Benz classic models

The Karasch & Co GmbH has also for the following Sealed Beam models a large stock of original Mercedes-Benz spare parts:

Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile

MB classic parts

W01, W02, W03, W04, W05, W06, W07, W08, W09, W10, W11, W12, W13, W14, W15, W16, W17, W18, W19, W20, W21, W22, W23, W24, W25, W26, W27, W28, W29, W30, W31, W100, W103, W105, W107, R107, C107, W108, W109, W110, W112, W113, W114, W115, W130, W133, W136, W138, W139, W142, W143, W149, Q150, W152, W153, W180, W186, W187, W188, W189, W191, W198

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