Ponton models

From 1953, the Daimler-Benz AG presented with the W120 the first Mercedes-Benz with self-supporting car body. The streamlined pontoon shape dispensed with patch fenders and interposed footboards therebetween. This offers Ponton models with the same external dimensions more space for the design of the interiors. The Werner Karasch & Co GmbH provides for all Mercedes-Benz Ponton models W120, W121, W180, W105 and R121 an extensive inventory of original spare parts.


Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile
Mercedes-Benz 180
Year: 1953 - 1962
Build: Sedan
Models: 180, 180D, 180 a, 180 b, 180 Db, 180 c, 180 Dc


Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile
Mercedes-Benz 190
Year: 1956 - 1961
Build: Sedan
Models: 190 / 190 D
190 b / 190 Db


Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile
Mercedes-Benz 220 S
Year: 1954 - 1959
Build: Sedan, Cabriolet, Coupé
Models: 220 a, 220 S


Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile
Mercedes-Benz 219
Year: 1956 - 1959
Build: Sedan
Extras: ab 1957 auch mit hydrau­lischem Kupplungs­auto­mat "Hydrak"

R121 (W121 BII)

Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile
Mercedes-Benz 190 SL
Year: 1955 - 1963
Build: Cabriolet, Coupé
Models: mit über 400 Detail­ver­besserungen bis 1963

Further Mercedes-Benz classic models

For the following Mercedes-Benz classic cars the Werner Karasch & Co GmbH keeps a large stock of original Mercedes-Benz spare parts:

Mercedes-Benz Ersatzteile

MB classic parts

W01, W02, W03, W04, W05, W06, W07, W08, W09, W10, W11, W12, W13, W14, W15, W16, W17, W18, W19, W20, W21, W22, W23, W24, W25, W26, W27, W28, W29, W30, W31, W100, W103, W105, W107, R107, C107, W108, W109, W110, W112, W113, W114, W115, W130, W133, W136, W138, W139, W142, W143, W149, Q150, W152, W153, W180, W186, W187, W188, W189, W191, W198

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